Joint Venture

KDC & Associates, Ltd. has the capabilities and practical expertise to successfully facilitate joint ventures and other collaborations with Chinese companies.

Collaborating with a Chinese company has a number of advantages. Among them are:

  • Ease of entry into China markets.
  • Expansion of product line base: expansion of US market opportunities.
  • Profitable transfer of commoditized products to lower cost area.
  • Exchange of “best practice” methods.
  • Ready access to Asian sourcing through the Chinese partner. Overseas collaborations are rarely simple, but successful ones almost always provide powerful competitive advantages. Only the largest companies have the in-house resources to effect successful collaborations without outside assistance.

KDC China Access now provides the Right Resource for smaller and mid-sized companies. We provide the know-how and access to allow these companies to enjoy the same benefits as the large companies without large commitments in time and money.

KDC China Access provides:

  • Pre-collaboration analysis: readiness; timeliness; the right collaboration.
  • Determination of needs and success factors; metrics
  • Specifications of the ideal partner
  • Broad based search by KDC affiliates in China and KDC Chicago
  • Screening of candidates with the client.
  • Initial visits and vetting with the client
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Final agreement and closing advice
  • Follow-up and correction

KDC China Access is extremely sensitive to the differences in business practices between North America and China. We are especially aware of the need to protect IP and have developed a number of methods to protect clients’ interests in this area.

Contact KDC & Associates, Ltd. for a no-charge preliminary consultation to determine whether a collaboration is right for your company.

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