China Market and Sales Development

KDC & Associates, Ltd. provides Right Resource services for North American companies desiring to establish a sales and marketing presence in China.

China will continue its remarkable growth over the foreseeable future. The country imports a very large number of goods and services to support its infrastructure build and its manufacturing base.

KDC believes that many smaller and mid-sized North American companies can successfully participate in China’s growth by establishing a sales presence tailored to market needs.

KDC affiliates in Hong Kong and Shanghai and KDC Chicago can provide the expertise and local know-how to expedite the process.

As in almost all international export ventures, companies with specialized products and services have the most success in building profitable market presences in China.

KDC believes that products with the most export potential for small and mid-sized companies are:

  • Specialized test equipment
  • Patented products that are difficult to emulate
  • Highly differentiated materials
  • Certain specialized software, especially for smaller manufacturers
  • Specialized machine tools and accessories
  • Specialized fabrication, finishing, and assembly equipment and accessories

In addition, patented or trade secret protected products available for exclusive or non-exclusive, regional or unrestricted, licensing can provide strong royalty revenue opportunities for North American companies.

Contact KDC & Associates, Ltd. for a no cost consultation on export possibilities to the Chinese market.

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